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2017, August 28

Mining with home appliances

The largest Chinese manufacturer of household appliances, Midea, in a new patent application (filed in November last year) described a system in which home appliances, working in the background, provide their owner with the production of crypto-currency.

Installation of chips will be carried out in all large household appliances - from air conditioning to TV. To activate the...

2017, August 18

Dear customers! We bring to your attention a list of...

Шановні покупці!

2017, August 14

In Austria, Midea built a research and development center

Группа компаний Midea завершила строительство собственного инновационного центра в австрийском Граце. Научно-исследовательские ресурсы мирового уровня будут направлены на совершенствование продукции компании и укрепление позиций Midea на европейском рынке.


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