Ozone-friendly freon R32

Озонобезопасный фреон R32

The new refrigerant R32 (difluoromethane) has significant advantages. First of all, it concerns the potential of global warming (GWP). If we compare the highly popular R410A refrigerant with R32, the latter differs by more than 65% of the GWP reduced. It follows that the environment is less affected by the new refrigerant. Also, R32 is characterized by reduced viscosity and density. Due to the lower density, the freon consumption is reduced, taking into account the same power figures. The density of difluoromethane is almost 30% less than that of R410A. Reduced viscosity level leads to a reduction in pressure loss in the refrigeration circuit, which ultimately contributes to an increase in the overall energy efficiency of the air conditioner by 5%. As for the thermal conductivity, the R32 also outperforms R410 in this indicator. This is positively added to the cooling capacity, which increased by 4%. Compared to R410A, R32 is a one-component substance, which makes it possible without problems to patch the refrigeration circuit after eliminating leaks.