Midea Oasis Plus OP-12N8E6-I/O air conditioner

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Valid until 2019, December 31

Promotion sale price

25 153,-hrv.
30 140,-hrv.

Main functions

1W Standby
Midea AC 2 installation options feature
Midea AC 3-minute protection feature
Anti-cold Air Function
Midea AC Anti-corrosion coating of the heat exchanger feature
Auto Restart Function
Midea AC Auto-unfreezing feature
Midea AC Automatic operation of the blinds (in the horizontal plane) feature
Automatic operation of the blinds (in the vertical plane)
Chassis Heating Belt
Midea AC Cooling Heating feature
Midea AC Easy to clean panel feature
Midea AC Effective drainage feature
Midea AC - Follow Me
Midea AC LED display (feature)
Louver Position Memory Function
Midea AC Low noise level feature
Midea AC Night Mode feature
Refrigerant Leakage Detect
Midea AC Self-diagnosis function feature
Turbo mode
Midea AC - Wide angle airflow
WiFi Module
High Density filter
Midea AC Wired Remote Control (optional)

Operating ambient temperatures

Cooling mode: 
Heating mode: 

    2017 g model line of Midea equipment, namely the split-system series Blanc, Mission, Ultimate Comfort, Oasis Plus have successfully passed the test for compliance with a number of technical parameters, according to Eurovent standards.

     This fact confirms the high quality of the products and full compliance with the expectations of customers all over the world, as the company produces air conditioners for all major world markets, offers sales and service support through its distribution network on all continents. Only the most famous and popular world manufacturers of air conditioners provided their products for certification in the laboratory Eurovent, which carefully analyze a range of characteristics and conduct critical test kits for compliance with the declared factory parameters of devices.

Data on products certified by Eurovent are available for viewing on the Internet at: www.eurovent-certification.com

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