Spring Regional Seminar in Kramatorsk

Tuesday, 26 March, 2019
Региональные семинары по презентации новинок в городе Краматорск

   Representatives of Mircond Ltd, an exclusive dealer in Ukraine of air conditioners and climate systems Midea, organized and conducted a series of spring regional dealer workshops for partners.








March 25, 2019, a regular seminar was held in the city of Краматорськ

(Бизнес-центр SA&Ga).




    In the seminar program, a presentation was made of the Midea climate technology model range, after the lecturer’s presentation, there was an active communication with answers to questions and discussion of market features in the 2018-2019 seasons.

    At the end of the seminar, a prize draw was held among the participants:

- inverter air conditioner MIDEA;

- robot vacuum cleaner XIAOMI;

- XIAOMI crib banks;

- IDEA air purifiers.

  After the end of all the events, a banquet was held, where friendly and informal communication and exchange of opinions continued. All guests who attended the seminar received catalogs with technical information on new home, semi-industrial and industrial systems, which described many innovations in the model range of Midea equipment that will be delivered to Ukraine. The information on the latest split-series is also presented in detail. Midea-2019 systems, namely: a series of X-Treme and a progressive series of household split-systems BreezeleSS+.

   The Midea X-Treme series has a “northern white” body color, multi-linear flexible contours, which are combined with any interior. Also, the X-Treme Series, according to the manufacturer, has an extremely wide operating temperature range from + 67 ° C external temperature in cooling mode to -32 ° C external temperature in heating mode. The very durable housing and the sophisticated design of the outdoor unit protect against the effects of destructive elements such as salt, acid, sand, oil stains and corrosion, keeping your unit always in top shape, regardless of the environment. The CorrodeFREE coating, specially developed for the coastal region (with high humidity), creates protection for Green Armor, which is provided thanks to the anti-corrosion layer 50% thicker than that of a conventional heat exchanger, and ensures its durability.

   In the air conditioners of the Midea BreezeleSS + series, the developers used three unique designs designated by three S: Speed ​​(speed), Soft (comfort), Surround (volumetric coolness). The cooling rate is ensured by the ultra-high frequency of the compressor, the high speed of the fan and the wide (70 mm) perforated nano-recesses of the louver of the indoor unit. All this allows the BreezeleSS + conditioner to reduce the indoor temperature in 60 seconds. The increased user comfort is provided by the unit due to the special design of the deflector (blinds), this is the main distinguishing feature of the model. The air in the room is fed through 7928 holes in the shape of an hourglass. They simultaneously expand the air flow, accelerate and break it into trickles, making it incredibly enjoyable. BreezeleSS + reverses the concept of air conditioning, turning the cooling process into a unique sensation. In addition, BreezeleSS + is the first air conditioner that additionally supplies air from the side surfaces of the unit, thus cooling the room faster and more evenly.

   Thanks to everyone who found the opportunity to attend the seminar. We are always pleased to see you and exchange ideas on creating the best positions in business, based on modern products and innovations of our business partners. We sincerely hope that together with our customers, the 2019 season will be successful and productive. We plan to continue to take into account all the preferences and interests of our customers and partners during our meetings, we always try to make our cooperation more productive and mutually beneficial.

   Anyone who makes their choice in favor of Midea systems guarantee to get the most comfortable microclimate in your homes and offices.